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    Mayur Web technology offer affordable and low cost Desktop Application and Desktop Software Development Solutions Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India.

Desktop Application Development

Mayur Web Technology offer affordable and low cost desktop development solutions. We are providing customized, efficient, offline and browser dependent applications.

Mayur Web Technology desktop application development for a leading food & beverages company boasts of 5000+ users on a single server with centralized database with country wise secure views and is implemented using platform-independent, light weight and easily customizable Java Swing. The improvised sales person effectiveness due to route and delivery planning and enhanced demand forecasting with detailed data consolidation, data validation, inventory management, sales accounting, sales forecast, master files maintenance and order management solutions

Our desktop development techniques enable us to separate the desktop environment from the physical devices for consumption, enabling a highly flexible and secure desktop delivery model with the data and components organize on the central data system for all the different types of desktop applications that we are actively engaged with.

Types of Desktop Applications

  • Client Server Applications
  • Thin Client Applications
  • Thick Client Applications
  • Smart Client Applications

We develop desktop applications with support of both square and current techniques. Our services for these could be a part of an enterprise solutions bundle or a specific solution in diverse technologies.

Our desktop application development offerings include the following:

  • Microsoft Visual Basic Development
  • Visual C++ Development
  • VB.Net Development
  • C#.Net Development
  • Java Development

Advantages of Desktop Applications Development

  • Easy to use, scalable, easy to maintain applications
  • Modular enhancements by robust, scalable and manageable architectures
  • Secure applications robust architecture
  • Availability of applications without being connected to the internet
  • Custom UI with no limitations of a browser
  • Optimized Utilization of System Resources
  • Widgets
  • Scope of Globalization
  • Smooth Legacy Application Migration

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