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    Responsive websites are a great way of making your website mobile and tablet friendly. A responsive website design is coded to adjust to different size screens that your visitors will be viewing your website on.

Responsive Designing :: Web Designing :: Web Development Company Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India

A responsive website uses advanced programming technology to create a amazing viewing experience. By creation use of solid design and creating your site to respond optimally to the size of the screen it is viewed on, it will look perfect whatever the environment - be it iPhone or large desktop monitor.

At Mayur Web Technology we take a ‘mobile first’ design approach, allowing us to use the key requisites before getting in the moving content when the screen size allows. This design process lets us work from smartphones to tablets to desktop monitors, meaning no matter what configuration of screen displays your site, you can be 100% confident it will look gorgeous. 

Why Choose Mayur Web Technology  for Responsive Web Design ?

  • Highly talented developers who have intense knowledge and expertise in responsive web design
  • We couple advanced technologies like CSS3 and HTML5 to create best-in-class responsive designs that look equally likable and attractive across multiple devices
  • Custom responsive web design services
  • Complete website designing from scratch or website re-designing to make it responsive across all devices and screens

What Challenges/Problems Does Responsive Web Design Solve?

  • Upgrade the mobile and tablet viewing experience of your website visitors - no vertical or horizontal scrolling.
  • No separate websites to be designed and maintained for mobile users.
  • Fluid grids work as an extension of liquid layouts - albeit in a more robust manner fitting elements into huge and small screens effortlessly.
  • We provide Drupal and Wordpress based content-managed responsive sites.

Is Responsive Web Design the future?

Definitely Yes. Technologies such as Flash have become superseded and the web is moving towards standard-driven web development approach that develops HTML5 and CSS 3 for developing and designing websites.

We are creative responsive design very low cost and affordable cost in India.

For websites that already have a mobile version, it makes sense to go responsive too as the need of managing two separate sites will no longer be there.

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